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If you didn’t know from my constant snot related tweets last week (joking… kind of) I came down really suddenly with some kind of flu type bug that knocked me off my feet for a few days. Thankfully it wasn’t the flu but I still had to write an essay while poorly which will go down as one of the more depressing moments of 2014, I’m sure. Who sets a deadline while you’re still on holiday anyway?! awful.
Obviously when you’re sick all thoughts of beauty go out of the window, makeup is the last thing on earth you want to be donning, and it’s going to rub right off anyway with the amount of times you’re blowing your Rudolph red nose, so why bother. I did however try and take care of my skin as best I could, if only that meant keeping up with my nightly cleanse routine and remembering to slather on lipbalm on the hour, every hour.
To cleanse I dug out something I don’t use all that often as it can be a little too rich for my skin, but it is ever so soothing and perfect for the occasion. Suti’s Facial Cleansing Balm has an incredibly high unrefined shea butter content, which makes it quite grainy (though this melts on contact with skin) and also super emollient, perfect for a little bit of facial massage time, though double cleansing is a must as it’s so oily. My favourite part of the whole cleansing experience however was the scent, which I took to breathing in deeply (through my heavily blocked nose) for a calming experience, it’s lavender with a hint of lime and smells divine.
Something I wouldn’t usually have on hand anymore, though I did used to be quite the fan before I made the green switch is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. My mum passed this on to me as she’s not a fan so I didn’t want to let it go to waste as I love the scent. It also feels super refreshing as the mist is so fine, you’re not being splattered with water. I did try my hardest not to go too OTT with this as it contains quite a bit of alcohol and the last thing I needed was dry skin.
Then the Elemental Herbology Perfect Clarity made a daily appearance too, as sickness and blemishes just go hand in hand don’t they? the worst.
Finally for moisture I relied on my very well loved bottle of Pai Geranium & Thistle Combination Skin Cream as one of the most soothing moisturisers I own. I kept this with me when times got tough (aka when my nose got sore) for some soothing TLC throughout the day and managed to keep at bay any dry bits.
Lastly, some of those extra’s that never left my side… S.W. Basics Cocoa Lip Balm, A Vicks nasal stick (so glam) & soothers of course!
What are some of your sick day essentials?

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