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A couple of months ago I finally placed an order with Osmia Organics!¬†After discovering the brand could possibly help my PD I couldn’t get them out of my mind. The Black Clay Facial Soap especially! I was being tormented by soap. I was a little hesitant at first but I remembered I used to use Lush’s Fresh Pharmacy Soap on my face many years ago and loved it, plus after reading nothing but good reviews for this soap and brand in general there was no changing my mind. This dreamy soap was gonna be mine.
(I would suggest if you’re in the UK that you either pair up with someone else to split the shipping costs or just wait and pray for them to be stocked on our shores.. as shipping plus extra custom charges ain’t cheap and I won’t be making another order until they’re stocked here!)
Upon first glance when opening my beautifully wrapped parcel I was a tad disappointed by the size of this little soap, but now two months on it’s probably only lost about a quarter of it’s size and I’m very impressed! I do not use this everyday but pretty darn close. It’s a really great morning cleanser and makes my skin feel fresh and clean but without any harsh stripped or tight feelings like you would get from normal soap (this certainly isn’t normal soap you guys) I also like using at night if I’ve used a heavy oil/balm cleanser as it removes any residue with ease. I would probably say if you have dry skin it’s not for you, but you’re in luck as they also have a Rose Clay Facial Soap for dry skin with added nourishing oils & the newly released Luz Enzyme Facial Soap to brighten up dull skin. Dreamy.
Though it isn’t normal soap it is still soap and getting it in your eyes sure stings. I made that mistake twice within the first week and it’s not happened since as I keep my eyes shut tight when rinsing it away and always keep a flannel on standby. Thanks to the coconut milk in this soap it makes such a wonderful creamy lather that I could literally stand there all day, it feels so good. There’s also dead sea mud and Australian black clay in there to draw out impurities and balance skin without stripping it of it’s natural oils. I do feel like this soap has actually helped my perioral dermatitis quite a lot and when it flares up I use it morning and night to calm it down again in just a few days, so for that alone I definitely think this soap was worth it.
I also wanted to mention that I don’t keep this in the bathroom (germs) and bought a little soap dish for it especially to store with the rest of my beauty stash, a much more hygienic solution.

What do you think of facial soap?.. have you looked at Osmia Organics? Next on my list is their lip balm & the infamous miracle spot treatment! (please hurry up to the UK, Osmia!)

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