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Holiday Snaps

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Holiday Snaps

Incase there’s one human being in the world that didn’t already know, I went on holiday two weeks ago. On a scale of 1 to 10 I was about a 1000 for being excited! I hadn’t been on holiday for many many years. We went to Fuengirola, along the Costa Del Sol, it was beautiful and so HOT. I’ve never experienced such heat. The sand got so hot in the afternoons it was painful to walk along (we learnt the hard way).
We didn’t get up to much, our days revolved around eating out and hitting the beach so I didn’t take my camera all that much. I had some of the best carbonara and paella of my life and we also discovered a ice lolly shop named “stickhouse” and WOW, we had to go back for seconds as we only discovered it down a little side street on our last night. I’m in mourning over those lollies. They need to make their way to the UK asap.
We went to the local zoo one evening and even though I was gutted their resident white tiger had gone to Portugal on a breeding program I still got overly emotional seeing the tigers, I am a total cat person, no matter their size.

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