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It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the colder weather = dryer skin, chapped lips and frazzled hair. I for one am definitely not a lover of the cold, sure I love wrapping up in layers but actually being cold?… I hate it, ugh, numb fingers and toes, a numb nose, earache if you dare leave the house without a hat and of course the piercing wind and icy rain that make you a miserable, shivering mess.
The only positive about this awful time of year (besides wondrous snow) is the ability to layer on richer skincare like nobodies business. My usual oily, combination skin dries up like the sahara and I need to step it up a notch in terms of looking after my skin. In terms of what I use, facial oils are always top of my list to instantly nourish skin and banish any dry patches. My favourite at the moment is the Estelle & Thild Fragrance Free Facial Oil* for a no fuss approach to moisturising my skin. With jojoba, sunflower, sweet almond oil and avocado oil this little bottle is packed full of omega 3, 6 and 9 without any preservatives or artificial ingredients at all.
I’ve also been slapping on the eye cream lately after deciding to pick up the Herbfarmacy Just Eyes a little while ago. I’ve always avoided eye cream, thinking I simply didn’t need it or relying on regular moisturiser for the job, however I do have pretty dark circles sometimes and thought I may as well get into the habit now before my eyes shrivel up and die… or something like that. This little Herbfarmacy number contains arnica to reduce the dark circles, I used to use arnica a lot when I was younger for any bruises or aches and pains, it was my mum’s secret weapon to any injury and it really did work so I was immediately sold when I saw this was included in the formula. It’s a little too early to tell if this works yet as I’m a little slack with remembering to apply, but I’m getting better!
Another skincare item I’ll be relying on this winter is the Living Nature Hydrating Gel Mask to give me a quick and easy hydration boost. It’s so important to keep skin well hydrated to aid healing, cell turnover and balance oil production, this Living Nature mask’s main ingredient is Manuka Honey, a wonder in beauty terms, antibacterial, hydrating and soothing, packed full of natural enzymes and antioxidants it’s a dream for your skin.
This mask really works in making my skin feel incredibly soft and soothes any redness for a few days after, the only problem is the unmistakable stench, it really is awful and I have to actually hold my nose when it’s on! I wish I’d of known or I don’t think I would have bought this and it’s such as a shame as it really is a good hydrating mask with wonderful ingredients, but it smells like death. I’ll use it up and move on, so sad.
Next up (promise to keep it short and sweet now as I appeared to have gotten a little carried away) we have Calendula Oil, I have this 100ml bottle from Fushi which was only 9. I picked this up because I read from a lot of people that it is perfect for soothing Perioral Dermatitis and any other irritating skin conditions. It’s also incredibly nourishing so I’ve been using it mixed in with body moisturiser too to keep an lizard limbs at bay.
A staple in winter is of course a super nourishing lip balm to prevent chapped and peeling lips. My current favourite is the Cocoa Lip Balm from S.W. Basics, made up of only cocoa butter, coconut oil and beeswax, my lips have been chapped free for weeks, it’s actually a miracle.
Lastly(!!!!!) is a little something to keep my hair in tip top condition in the harsh weather. The Yarok Feed Your Ends Leave In Conditioner is a recent beauty box find that I’m loving. It doesn’t weigh down my hair at all and contains heat protection as a bonus. I still feel like my hair needs a little bit of something else to really keep it nourished but this is a perfect base layer and I’m so glad to have found an all-natural heat protectant.
What are some of your cold weather essentials??

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