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When I was very little I used to create ‘potions’ from my mum’s bubble bath, shampoo and anything glittery… mixing them in little coloured glass bottles I’d somehow managed to acquire (and then forgetting about them for a few weeks so they separated and went all gross…) pretending I was a scientist or a witch, who knows but I remember it being SO much fun. Turns out 18 or so years later not much has changed in the potion department, I’m still mixing up my beauty products, however this time a little more carefully.
I thought I’d write about a few of the combinations I’ve been mixing together lately, either to save time or get the best of both worlds when I can’t decide between two.
First up I have the Elemental Herbology Cell Food & Kahina Argan Oil* both of which I can’t seem to shut up about lately as they’re so good. The first is a creamy radiance boosting serum and the other a skin healing oil. I could easily apply separately and layer them on my skin but I’d much rather mix two drops of Cell Food with one drop of Argan Oil for a speedier process, plus mixing the oil into the serum means it will sink in much faster and leave behind less of that oily glow. I’m sure you’ve heard applying oils to damp skin help them absorb faster, not sure why, but I’ve found it is much the same principle when mixing them with something else.
Me next pair are perhaps my two favourite skincare discoveries ever. I’m ridiculously picky with moisturisers so to find two I love so much almost makes me feel greedy, though they’re both very much on their last legs now and if they were to run out at the same time I may have a small aneurism trying to pick which to repurchase first.
The Pai Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream (mine is the old packaging and name) is my go to when my skin is irritated, dry or just needing some love. This is the moisturiser I choose when I don’t know what else to pick, a fail safe that I know works perfectly for my skin day or night. The Elemental Herbology Moisture Milk is another well raved about moisturiser on my blog, I’ve lost count of the amount of times it’s made an appearance but for good reason! When my skin is breaking out, dull, oily or just needed a refresh I reach for this. A light serum-moisturiser with lactic acid and all sorts of vitamins and minerals for problem skin.
A half pump of each mixed together on my fingertips creates the perfect moisturiser for when my skin is being a super fussy thing, blemishes and dry patches, the worst. The Pai is lovely and soothing while the Moisture Milk helps banish those blemishes, the perfect combo..
Lastly is not a combo that I mix together per say, but using them one after the other gives great results that I just had to mention. I use the Melvita Nectar Bright Mask* first to leave me with smooth, bright skin and follow with the Living Nature Hydrating Gel Mask to replace any lost moisture and calm redness. I usually do this combo the day after using a clay mask (as I’m usually too lazy to do all 3 at once and my skin gets super grumpy with all the washing, wiping and slathering) so my skin has had the ultimate detox and pamper session over the weekend.
I’m still not a fan of the Living Nature mask because of the funky smell but I am trying to use it more as it makes my skin so soft and helps with hydration. The Melvita mask is my current favourite for brighter skin, it’s super gentle with silica beads to buff skin and flower extracts to fade discolouration. It can be used as a scrub a few times a week but I prefer to leave it on as the results are worth the extra few minutes waiting around.
Do you have any skincare combo’s to share??

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