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NUDE Purify Cleansing Wash

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NUDE Purify Cleansing Wash

I’m gonna throw it out there early… holy grail. Yeah I said it. That’s how much I love this, it’s serious you guys. I purchased this on a whim after hearing Kate mention is months and months ago and it was by far the best decision I’ve made since starting this blog, well nearly…

The NUDE Purify Cleansing Wash is not very accurately described in my opinion, it states that it’s a foaming wash and I disagree. It a mousse/cream gel at first & lathers up a little to a creamy consistency when water is added, but there’s no foam. Maybe I’m using it wrong. I apply this to dry skin with slightly damp hands and massage it all over, casually avoiding my eyes as it stings a little if it actually gets into them but I can still use it on them if Im gentle. I then add more water to my hands and massage a little more which is where the lather comes into play, it feels lovely on my skin, like it’s actually doing something good. I usually just splash my face with water to remove in the mornings or use a flannel in the evenings. I don’t use this to remove makeup in the evenings, more of a second cleanse kinda deal to leave my skin feeling purified and squeaky clean.

Speaking of squeaky clean feelings – there’s none of that nonsense here thank you, no tight feelings or the urge to immediately bathe in moisturiser, just happy soft (and when I say soft, I mean SOFT) skin. I have never had anything leave me with the baby soft skin feeling before this, not even my trusty Emma Hardie balm. It’s a ‘You wont believe it till you’ve tried it‘ kind of product, we all know the ones, you cave, you believe, you sing it’s prayers. This is it, so I’d recommend you give it a go asap! It’s definitely helped my skin out a lot since I purchased it, breakouts are a lot less nasty.

I couldn’t remember how long I’d actually had this but a quick check of the old archives and I first mentioned my love for it back in February when it snuck into a favourites post! With almost daily use ever since it’s only just starting to run out – I use about half a pea sized amount, maybe more so it’s lasted an impressively long amount of time! A definite repurchase for the foreseeable future.. I honestly don’t see myself ever getting tired of this stuff… Have you tried anything from NUDE?

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