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Life was easy-breezy for me and my little blog and I still enjoy looking through my old posts from 2011 and reminiscing about whatever I was up to at that time (whilst cringing at the too-small, always blurry camera phone shots) I can’t remember exactly when everything changed, I think when I fell hook line and sinker for beauty blogs!

Nowadays it’s a blog-eat-blog world and there are thousands upon thousands of blogs with more popping up everyday. We all want our voices heard, to be appreciated for the hours we spend on our internet home and most importantly to feel included in the blogging community.


I think it’s so so easy to feel left out in the crowds, especially if you compare yourself to others constantly and try to be like the bigger blogs. It’s easy for people to write advice posts and tell you to take inspiration but don’t copy, build a niche, be unique, blah blah, that’s all very well but there aren’t enough niches in the world, unless you want to blog about lipstick, kung foo and deep sea diving all rolled into one. I’m sure you’d have waterproof lipstick down though girl. Finding your niche is hard. 


I say stop worrying. Stop trying so hard to be unique, you already are. Stop fretting over likes, views, retweets, follower counts and just blog because you love it. You can’t please everyone and it’s highly unlikely you’re going to be the next Zoella. That ship has sailed, so just be the next you.

What I’m trying to say is that I think our best blogging comes out when we stop trying to please everyone else and blog for ourselves, that’s when we’re the most proud of our posts and that is what shines through and will draw others to you. Relax, do whatever you want, eat cake, blog whenever, be awesome.

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