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When it comes to beauty my favourite part to indulge in has to be using a facemask. I admit I don’t do them often enough lately but my stash would lead you to believe I apply them daily (the dream). I was going to do a post on my collection but it was way too long and boring so now you get to enjoy two (or three) posts instead, lucky you!
Today we’re talking about the glow getters, the radiance inducing, skin peeling masks that make you a bit red but are oh so worth it come morning when you wake up with skin that looks renewed. I have used quite a number of masks like this but these four are what I have right now and are all pretty great (with three being multi-use, oooh-er!).
My favourite and newest addition is the One Love Organics Brand New Day (which I talked about in my last post), this is a powder that you mix with water to create an exfoliating paste which you can then leave on as a mask. I love powder formulas at the minute, they allow so much more customisation, you could mix this with yogurt or honey to get completely different benefits. This mask uses pineapple enzymes to polish away dead skin cells and leave a super smooth complexion.
I actually find the Melvita Nectar Bright Exfoliating Mask* and the Balance Me Radiance Mask* very similar in terms of feel and performance, both are creamy masks with exfoliating granules added (though the Balance Me’s are a little scrubbier) that you can either leave on as a mask or use as a quick exfoliator. The formulas are quite different where the Balance Me uses a mix of kaolin clay and fruit acids to work to decongest skin, the Melvita uses a blend of flower extracts known for their skin brightening properties and is quite nourishing. Both have subtle results but I think the Melvita is my favourite as I always feel so happy with my skin on days after I have used this.
Lastly we have the most potent of the bunch, the Elemental Herbology Facial Glow. I have a smaller size tube which I’ve had for ages now, it lasts a long time as you only need a little bit. We all know I’m a fan of Eherb and this mask is no different, it packs quite the punch though so I save if for emergency skin days and only leave it on for the recommended time and no longer or it gets a little tingly. There are an awful lot of fancy ingredients in this tube, I won’t name them all but we have manuka honey, papaya, kombuchka, pomegranate and argan oil.. to name just a few. One for special occasions or if you’re feeling particularly flush in the wallet department (the full size is 40!).
What do you think of exfoliating masks and treatments?

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