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There are plenty of places to be gettin’ your beauty fix these days… but sometimes it can be a little more difficult to find the good stuff, if ya know what I mean?! I have all but abandoned my old internet haunts these days in favor of bigger and better (aka greener) things.
Being Content – If I lived in London I’m pretty sure the staff would know me by name by now but luckily they have a very well stocked online store too that I am just as fond of. My favourite discovery has been their sample service which you can purchase on it’s own without having to buy anything else! 3 for 4 little samples delivered right to your door, bonus points for delivery being pretty darn quick too!
Naturisimo – Ahhh Naturisimo, now this is what green beauty dreams are made of. They have everything! Well almost everything, from A’kin & Antipodes all the way to Zoya. If you’re looking for any special christmas presents their gift section is well stocked with some amazing sets and should you spend a few pennies make sure to check the ‘offers’ page for plenty of free gifts with spends of 25 or more. Naturisimo are another one to draw me in with samples, in fact they have a whole section dedicated to them! You do have to pay for each sample but if there’s something you really want to try it’s worth adding it to your order!
Love Lula – I am yet to make an order from LoveLula but their brand selection is just as fab as naturisimo, they appear to have everything you would want plus few more interesting and unusual choices that I had never heard of before! Definitely worth a good ‘ol nosey around. You may have also heard of the LoveLula beauty box, which used to be the Amayra box before LoveLula took over. The box is just like any other beauty box but all the samples inside are natural and organic! (If you’re looking for a green beauty box try SoukSouk too!)
A Beautiful World – If you read my last post it was all about the amazing sampler box that ABW bring out twice a year, definitely not one to be missed! ABW is on the small side, with less than 20 brands in stock, however this doesn’t mean they’re to be ignored! Their selection is well thought out and they even have a few brand exclusives that you can’t get anywhere else in the UK, such as Marble & Milkweed, Indie Lee and 001. They also have some amazing sets and offers in their christmas shop at the moment!
Adore Naturals – Another small but sweet online shop is Adore Naturals, you may have seen my post about them a few days ago, sharing a few of the products I’ve had the chance to try. All 10 of the brands they stock are UK born and bred, and everything is very reasonably priced to say a lot is completely hand made. Bskincare is a brand I think we should all be on the look out for! and better yet Adore Naturals are currently offering 20% off!
Etsy – Last but not least we have the crazy world of Etsy, which incase you didn’t know is home to some really fabulous beauty brands, from makeup to skincare and nailpolish (which thanks to Royal Mail we can no longer have delivered) in fact there are 135 THOUSAND items in the ‘bath and beauty’ section, if that’s not mind blowing I don’t know what is. I’m quite attracted to the brands with beautiful packaging, I just can’t help it… so shops like Pheonix Botanicals, Glory Boon, Beneficial Minerals, Conscious Skincare (UK based!), Ginger Chi, Noella Beauty stand out to me … and this is just a small few, you really need to see for yourself the magic… the choice is mind-boggling.
Do you shop at any of these places??

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