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Operation: Fade Those Scars

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Operation: Fade Those Scars

Oh blemish scars, you are horrible, confidence sucking devils. I can count at the very least 11 of you on my face right now without looking in a mirror, I know you all so well. Some of you are worse than others, some are new and some are old but I’d very much like you all gone forever, thanks.
…I don’t know about you but when I get a blemish, it doesn’t bother me all that much, I can deal with it  for a few days (unless I have to leave the house but let’s not talk about that). It’s the scar that’s left behind for months at a time that disheartens me so very much, they’re just so hard to hide!
In the past month or so I’ve been looking into products that aim to brighten skin and fade problem pigmentation. It’s my mid-year resolution, my new mission in life: scar free skin.
I decided to go for the Elemental Herbology Lighten & Brighten first, as a serum I could easily slip it into my routine and it sounded very impressive in the description. However my and my fussy nose do not get along well with this, it just doesn’t smell nice. At all. I persevered for a few uses but have since left it alone as holding my breath while applying it isn’t ideal. I also got a small sample of the Aurelia Revitalise & Glow Serum in a recent order and even though it’s not aimed at really fading marks, it contributes to me looking less like a zombie, so we’ll include it here… It’s a really light, creamy texture that sinks in easily and leaves my skin feeling calm and fresh. So far so good.
You’ve seen me ramble on about the Trilogy Rosehip Oil recently but this oil is famed for reducing scars and blemishes as well as doing just about everything else. I haven’t noticed a dramatic change since introducing this into my routine, but these things do take time! It is a really gorgeous oil though and leaves my skin smoother and hydrated come morning.
Lastly two more additions to my quest for scar free skin: The Jurlique Purely Bright Day Cream* & the Purely Bright Radiance Serum* I’ve been using this duo nearly every morning for at least two weeks now and I can confirm they’re pretty lovely. They feel really light on my skin and sink in quickly, I can’t stand tacky, thick creams on my combination skin, I find they do more harm than good. These smell fresh and floral, perhaps a little too heavily scented for my tastes but I am fussy with these things. There are two nasty scars on my cheek thanks to under the skin cysts but I have noticed they have reduced in size and faded a little since introducing all of these products into my routine over the past month.
It’s difficult to say what is helping more when I’m always testing new things, & I know this isn’t something that is going to be cured over night. With a little determination and sticking to a routine I should hopefully see my skin continue to improve and will definitely have post an update in a few months!
If you have any recommendations for brightening products let me know! 🙂

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