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Bourjois Melon

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Bourjois Melon

Finally another nail post, I think I’d actually ran out of summer colours for a minute there and was thinking of painting my nails a deep red in protest of the heat. But alas, that never happened because my momma kindly donated me this orange/peach colour from Bourjois as apparently it’s too bright for her! It’s a funny ‘un, like if you’d gotten a bottle of neon orange and added a few drops of white to give it more of a pastel tone. That’s the best way I can describe it, take it or leave it 😉
I’m not too impressed with the formula I have to say, I painted one layer on at night (thankfully they do dry exceptionally fast) to do the second the next afternoon, but it had already chipped! I went ahead and painted the second coat anyway and added a topcoat to be safe and add shine, as it wasn’t exceptionally glossy on it’s own.
The colour’s nice (the kind that looks great with a tan), the brushes are amazing but once again a bog standard formula that I think is rather expensive for what it is. I’d rather buy the much cheaper & better performing Mavala polishes, or splurge on Butter London (Black Knight will be mine one day, promise).
What do you think of Bourjois Melon?

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