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Origins High-Potency Night

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Origins High-Potency Night

The Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral-enriched oil-free renewal cream (wow, talk about wordy) has been my night cream of choice now for nearly 2 months now. 
It was one of those products that I just had to have after discovering it, so after a few weeks of dithering, reading as many reviews as I could find (of which there wasn’t that many actually) and trying it out every time I was at the origins counter trying to decide if I liked the smell, I caved. I decided to spend my hard earned boots points to purchase it as a treat for myself. 
Inside the pot is a white creamy-gel, a lot different to the version for drier skins which is a rich cream. I’ve barely dinted the contents with near constant use so I can see this lasting me to the end of the year, if not further. 
The smell is quite strange, slightly lemony, almost medical. I cant say its my favourite smell, it’s taken me this long to get used to it, but thankfully it doesn’t linger on the skin.
Origins claim this is a radiance boosting night cream, so you awaken with renewed and refreshed skin, I’ve not really noticed ‘radiant’ skin in a morning, but to be honest, I never really notice anything in a morning! 
The thing I love about this moisturiser is how it makes my skin feel. After I apply it, it sinks in and leaves a completely matte finish (something I love having oily skin) all the way until morning, there’s no waking up shiny and greasy, it’s lush. My skin is just soft and happy for a while.
I’d say this is for anyone with combination/oily skin really, it doesn’t irritate, feels refreshing and Ive found it’s good at helping leave my skin clearer and smoother after each use. 
I purchased mine from boots for 32, which is most certainly not cheap! Would I repurchase?? Maybe, I really do like this night cream but I’m always discovering new things to try, so we’d have to see how I felt when I actually run out! 🙂

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